How can she slap, Kupo!?

These are photos of my FFXIV character! I will not give out my username because I did dabble with modded content (I deleted my mods because I got tired of having to manage them lmao I just wish they added more goth stuff). And I use shaders, I guess, but that's not a bannable offence unless you're streaming. Anyway, yeah, don't ask for my character name/data center. Just enjoy my beautiful Au Ra girl!

The images sometimes don't load correctly. I don't reccomend this anywhere else on my site, but on my gallery pages it might be a good idea to try and open the pages in a new tab rather than keeping them as small window things like in my interface. Once you get them all loaded in a new tab you can go back to viewing them in the small window thingy (I gen don't know what to call it lmfao).