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Wuthering Waves

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Hello hello! It's about time for a blog update! I (literally right now as of writing this) updated the blog! It's now divided into diary pages (what this is) and blog pages which will just be posts about, well, anything I want, really. Though I'm sure you can imagine that it'll be mostly video games and anime posts/reviews. They'll be mostly opinionated, as everything is an opinion if we really think about it, so not everyone might agree with the things I say in my posts, and that's okay. I'm kind of an airhead, so I can't promise my posts will be anywhere near cohesive or organized. I feel like I do a good job on my diary entries, but sometimes I still go off the rails lol.

Speaking of rails, I'll be rolling for Boothill later today in Star Rail! I was originally gonna get Firefly, but I was quite disappointed after seeing her animations. Her as a character is cool, but I honestly dislike the mech. I'm not a fan of heavily armored characters. I prefer more casual designs like Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan, Lynx, and the like, though that's just my preference. I've noticed that I do this in all Gacha games; if I dislike the character design, I won't pull for the character, no matter how OP they are. Everyone pulled for Lin for Tower of Fantasy because she was OP (actually was lol) but I refused simply because I thought her character/character design was bland. So, I've decided to go for Boothill instead since he’s a cool space cowboy! I could use a Physical DPS anyway.

So, the biggest news is that I've been playing Wuthering Waves. You can already see that I plan on writing a review for the game, so I won't go into specifics here, besides my current enjoyment. I've been loving this game. I played it the second it was released, despite not having slept. I was tired af but got on and began the game. I personally didn't have any lag issues, though that is a problem for others. Combined with the pre-reg rewards, in-game rewards, and any additional compensation they gave us, I quickly got my first 5-star character: Jianxin! I had my eye on her from CBT, so I wasn't disappointed when I got her, though the character I really wanted was Encore. I chose her for my picked banner, but it took me the full 80 pulls before I got her, unfortunately. Soft pity hates me. Then I used my free selector on Verina since she's an amazing support. As you can see, Encore is my favorite, and the diary is themed after her! :D

I've been running a team comp of Encore, Sanhua, and Verina. For my playstyle of Encore, I prefer Sanhua, as her outro buff gives a Basic Attack DMG buff, whereas Mortefi gives a Heavy Attack DMG buff, and I feel like it fits her playstyle better. You get her heavy attack quick, yes, but 90% of the time I'm staying on the field with her and basic attacking and using her skill. Compared to both of these, her heavy attack is just for when you're gonna switch off her. So ideally the rotation would be Verina first since her outro buff gives all characters a 15% All-Type DMG bonus for 30s, so you could then switch to Sanhua, use her stuff, and then switch off to Encore, who now has the remaining 15% DMG bonus from Verina and also Sanhua’s 38% Basic Attack bonus, giving a lot of extra DMG to her.

I will be skipping Jiyan (not my playstyle) and Yinlin (not needed as I don't use Calcharo), and will be saving for Jinhsi! I have a type and it shows. My favorite from Genshin was Kokomi, from Star Rail it's Fu Xua, and now Jinhsi from WuWa. They're not all the same obviously, but they share some similarities, like all are beautiful princesses! Or similar to princesses lol. Idk, apparently I really like that character type. What got me hooked on Jinhsi’s character design is mainly the white eyelashes. No game does it! Every character with white hair always has black eyelashes, I love white eyelashes on characters! Her hair as well, I love the loopy hair! Her personality is also enjoyable to me—the strong, calm, intelligent, kind person in power who is hardworking. Her design is very elegant and I love elegant characters with softer/pastel color schemes.

After Jinhsi, I'm not sure. Most likely the girl that's seen with Scar as I quite like her design as well. I would say yes on Scar, but I want to see his gameplay first; though if his banner is after hers I probably won't get him anyway lol. I'm curious to see how long it will take them to get reruns, I estimate at least 3-5 months. So if I miss out on a character I want later on down the line I'll always have a chance to get them or their weapon if I missed it the first time. I'm curious to see the future of Wuthering Waves in general.

That's all. I'll add an update to the homepage when I publish those blog posts. See ya for now! ♡

Encore counting her chests lol

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Ragnarok Zeta

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Hello! As you can see, I redid the layout of almost all the pages of the site. Using repth's layouts on the home and blog pages! And I might use another one of their layouts for the gallery index page. Doing a Cardcaptor Sakura theme as I've recently been binge watching it. It's so cute! It's similar to Sailor Moon, but honestly, I like the atmosphere of Sakura and her personality better. She's less hotheaded and aloof than Usagi and the side characters are enjoyable. The plot actually seems to be more intricate as you question some of the things and aren't sure the answer. In Sailor Moon, the answers to questionable things are pretty obvious lol.

In other news, guess what I got! Well, I got it a while back, I haven't blogged about it yet. I got my Zodiac weapon for Warrior! Ragnarok Zeta! It's fucking beautiful. The best warrior weapon by far imo. A lot of the axes are either simple, ugly, or too big/small. This one actually has an amazing glow, perfect size, and it's dyeable!

I also have some screenshots of my girl in the Dawntrail benchmark. They did AMAZING on Au Ra horns! Look at the beautiful textures on them! Au Ra got the best texture updates hands dowm. A lot of people are complaining about the softer shadows and the lifeless eyes. While I can agree with the lifeless eyes (I like having permanent lights in the eyes), we can't judge until we get in game with the update. The softer shadows/brightness is likely because there's no option to change the gamma in the benchmark. My main issue was just that my character's black hair looked more dark grey, but the gamma should be the main culprit of that (hopefully). But due to everyone complaining, they said they'd update the benchmark. I think the lighting definitely needs updated in there. The Limsa Lominsa enviornment I wish would they change completely tbh... It's just a hill and a tree and the grass puts a gross green lighting effect on the character's skin that's especially noiceable on pale characters. Here are the only screenshots I took of the actual benchmark lol.

Can I also just mention how beautiful that weapon looks?

For the last recent news, I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins! I really enjoy the game so far. Though I wish I had gotten it from EA rather than Steam since a lot of reviews mentioned that it crashes quite often. I've had about 3-4 crashes in about 8-ish hours of playtime. But it's a quick restart, I suppose. It also took me a while to get some mods going... the hairstyles/hair color/override mods are easy enough, but for a lot of he armor ones, I found that they don't all work. I found one that did though! The mage needs it desperately. I was tired of wearings condoms as robes. Here is my character! I'm playing a human mage for my first playthrough. Wanna do an elf next, probably a thief. And yeah... I may have gotten a bisexual mod to romance Morrigan. Do you blame me?

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The Cat Returns

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Hello again. So, I watched the Cat Returns. It was good but... had nothing to do with Whisper of the Heart lmfao. Nothing about Louise or anything really related to the first movie besides just the Baron being in it. I guess it's an alternative universe type thing? It wasn't written by Hayao Miyazaki like Whisper of the Heart was. It was really cute though. I mean, I do just love cats in general, so the movie was pretty enjoyable for me, even if no questions were answered from the first movie. I looked on message boards and a lot of people seem to believe that Louise died during the war, which was something that crossed my mind too. I was hoping they'd go more into it though, as just leaving it primarily a mystery is pretty sad. Muta carried the movie though.

In other recent news, I started playing Paladins again. I used to play it every day back when I was in middle school/early high school years. I played it when it was still in open beta since my dad and his friends found it and had me try it out with them. I miss the OG Paladins, mainly when Cassie still had her bow instead of that crossbow... I was always a Maeve main. Love her and her playstyle. I like speedy characters a lot. My favorites are Maeve, Cassie, Evie, Ying, Io, and now Rei. Vora is cool too. I hate playing tank, not my playstyle at all.

I've always been watching more Gintama again! I LOVE Gintama. It's honestly becoming one of my favorite animes. It's comedy is fucking peak, even though a lot of it is Japanese comedy (I watch it in subs, so no clue if dub is any different). Gintama, Asobi Asobase, and Nichijou are best anime comedies. Haven't seen Lucky Star, but I want to. Gintama is just so good honestly. I love Kagura with a passion, she's like my spirit animal. Oh, I also watched Equilibrium for the first time! An amazing movie, loved it a lot. You can expect to see it added to my move list in the media page soon. My dad and I are going to watch V for Vendetta next, as I also have never seen it. I have also started watching the Rookie with one of my friends. I was skeptical since Castle was... well, garbage IMO. Nathan Fillion was amazing in Firefly but I thought Castle was horrible. Honestly, I think Nathan Fillion acts well, it's just his character and Beckett's that I dislike. Just something about the way they wrote their personalities is terrible to me. But the Rookie is actually amazing! Also, was it just me or is his name John Nolan like a reference to Defiance's Joshua Nolan? Maybe it's unintentional, but that was the first thing I thought of. Defiance was another amazing sci-fi that sadly got cancelled. I watched that show when it first came out when I was just a kid. I remember being amazed at how close it was to where I lived since it was filmed in St. Louis.

Remember when I mentioned I was playing Sims 4 again? I recently made a new sim (I know, I know) and she's beautiful. I named her Fiona. She's probably my favorite sim yet. She was inspired a lot by Heather from Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines (and just VTMB in general). I'll add her whole photo album into my gallery page at some point. I have a lot of Sims that I'd like to show off eventually. I could also do CAS videos maybe. The next sim I want to make is Jeanette from VTMB. I found a tumblr post with all her CC and stuff. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

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